4 de mar de 2012

IBU Biathlon World Championships 2012 - Men's 12,5km Pursuit

Daniel Mesotitsch

Martin Fourcade, Carl Johan Bergman, Daniel Mesotitsch

Emil Hegle Svendsen

Tarjei Boe

Carl Johan Bergman, Martin Fourcade

Martin Fourcade, Simon Fourcade

    Martin Fourcade da França fez de novo, ele conseguiu mais uma vitória no IBU Biathlon World Championships - Men's Pursuit, em Ruhpolding, Alemanha. Mesmo tendo 4 penalidades, e duas delas foram última volta, Martin conseguiu a vitória no sprint final tirando o primeiro lugar que o Carl Johan Bergman da Suécia conseguiu na última volta. Anton Shipulin da Rússia ficou com o 3° lugar.
Martin Fourcade, Carl Johan Bergman, Anton Shipulin

Martin Fourcade

11yrFOURCADE MartinFRA1+1+0+24 33:39.4 0.0
23BERGMAN Carl JohanSWE0+1+1+02 33:44.6 +5.2
313SHIPULIN AntonRUS1+0+0+01 34:01.5 +22.1
44MESOTITSCH DanielAUT0+0+1+12 34:07.8 +28.4
52SVENDSEN Emil HegleNOR1+1+0+24 34:24.8 +45.4
65FOURCADE SimonFRA1+1+0+13 34:32.4 +53.0
717BOE TarjeiNOR2+0+0+13 34:38.7 +59.3
811FAK JakovSLO0+0+1+23 34:45.6 +1:06.2
919SCHEMPP SimonGER0+2+0+02 34:46.1 +1:06.7
106LINDSTRÖM FredrikSWE1+3+0+04 34:50.9 +1:11.5
117FERRY BjörnSWE1+1+0+13 35:00.3 +1:20.9
1216BIRNBACHER AndreasGER0+1+1+13 35:00.4 +1:21.0
1331HOFER LukasITA0+2+1+03 35:06.2 +1:26.8
1412GARANICHEV EvgeniyRUS2+1+0+14 35:08.6 +1:29.2
1518MORAVEC OndrejCZE1+2+0+14 35:15.0 +1:35.6
1636WEGER BenjaminSUI0+1+0+12 35:22.3 +1:42.9
1737PEIFFER ArndGER1+2+0+03 35:22.9 +1:43.5
189BOEUF AlexisFRA0+0+3+14 35:25.1 +1:45.7
1933MAKOVEEV AndreiRUS1+0+1+13 35:26.4 +1:47.0
2020BAILEY LowellUSA0+0+1+23 35:28.2 +1:48.8
2143SOUKUP JaroslavCZE0+1+2+03 35:31.2 +1:51.8
2242DERYZEMLYA AndriyUKR1+1+0+02 35:31.2 +1:51.8
2326GREIS MichaelGER1+0+1+13 35:31.7 +1:52.3
2429KAZAR MatejSVK0+1+1+13 35:32.7 +1:53.3
2523NOVIKOV SergeyBLR0+2+0+02 35:33.9 +1:54.5
2614LEGUELLEC Jean PhilippeCAN0+1+0+23 35:37.9 +1:58.5
2721BJOERNDALEN Ole EinarNOR2+1+2+16 35:47.7 +2:08.3
2810BURKE TimUSA1+1+2+15 35:47.7 +2:08.3
2925SLESINGR MichalCZE1+0+1+24 36:07.1 +2:27.7
308WINDISCH MarkusITA1+1+1+25 36:11.2 +2:31.8
3128LANDERTINGER DominikAUT0+0+0+44 36:14.9 +2:35.5
3244BAUER KlemenSLO0+1+1+35 36:15.2 +2:35.8
3338NAGAI JunjiJPN0+0+2+02 36:19.5 +2:40.1
3446EDER SimonAUT0+0+1+12 36:25.1 +2:45.7
3515SIMOCKO DusanSVK2+0+1+14 36:29.9 +2:50.5
3627SAVITSKIY YanKAZ2+0+0+02 36:29.9 +2:50.5
3760DE LORENZI ChristianITA1+1+0+02 36:34.6 +2:55.2
3834GRAF FlorianGER2+1+0+14 36:34.9 +2:55.5
3958LESSING RolandEST0+0+0+00 36:38.5 +2:59.1
4032BERGER LarsNOR0+1+3+26 36:45.5 +3:06.1
4124HALLENBARTER SimonSUI1+2+1+15 36:51.2 +3:11.8
4241SUMANN ChristophAUT1+0+1+02 36:59.9 +3:20.5
4345SMITH NathanCAN0+1+3+15 37:13.4 +3:34.0
4435PRYMA ArtemUKR1+1+0+13 37:17.0 +3:37.6
4547STEBLER ChristianSUI3+0+2+16 37:26.8 +3:47.4
4648BEATRIX Jean GuillaumeFRA0+2+2+15 37:36.9 +3:57.5
4751INOMATA KazuyaJPN1+0+2+03 37:38.9 +3:59.5
4839MARIC JanezSLO1+1+2+26 37:54.5 +4:15.1
4922SEMENOV SerhiyUKR2+0+1+36 38:01.7 +4:22.3
5040JOLLER IvanSUI0+2+0+24 38:09.0 +4:29.6
5154SIKORA TomaszPOL1+3+0+15 38:28.4 +4:49.0
5255BEDARD Marc - AndreCAN0+1+2+14 38:35.4 +4:56.0
5353GAVRILA StefanROU0+2+1+03 38:41.5 +5:02.1
5450PERRAS ScottCAN1+0+2+36 38:51.8 +5:12.4
5556ISA HidenoriJPN2+1+0+25 39:10.7 +5:31.3
5659KOIV KauriEST1+2+1+37 40:01.5 +6:22.1




Martin Fourcade - FRA
Martin Fourcade

Martin Fourcade

Martin Fourcade

I was not nervous. I shot fast and do not know why I had two mistakes in the final stage. One would have been okay because I was confident of my shape and knew I could keep my advantage.
My shape is good, but I also know that Carl Johan is a good sprinter, so that is why I decided to attack earlier and not later.
Fourcade said the two Gold medals were: more than I ever expected in my life! Now my main goal is to keep the Yellow Bib until the end of the competitions in Khanty Mansiysk.

Carl Johan Bergman - SWE
Carl Johan Bergman

Carl Johan Bergman
Carl Johan Bergman

I felt good when I went out for the last loop. My goal was to have high speed for the whole final loop. But I had absolutely no chance when he attacked; he was skiing so fast. At that point I had to put all of my mental effort into it to try to stay close to him. It is so hard when someone is skiing so fast; I cannot ski that fast!
then with a big laugh, he added, Martin was so fast today, but wait for the relay!
Bergman stating that two medals: were beyond my expectations; a dream come true…a dream come true.

Anton Shipulin - RUS
Anton Shipulin

Anton Shipulin

I knew that my start position was not so good. But when I saw the wind as we were going to the starting line, I felt good about that. I like to shoot in the wind and then felt I felt I could do it…The medal was a combination of really good skis and shooting well.

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Fotos: Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom/Getty Images Europe
           Christof Stache/AFP/Getty Images

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