18 de mar de 2012

IBU Biathlon World Cup 2012 - Women's 12.5 km Mass Start

Darya Domracheva

Darya Domracheva, Tora Berger, Magdalena Neuner

Darya Domracheva, Kaisa Mäkäräinen

Darya Domracheva, Tora Berger, Magdalena Neuner, Kaisa Mäkäräinen
 Andrea Henkel

        Neste domingo ocorreu IBU Biathlon World Cup 2012 - Women's 12.5 km Mass Start  em Khanty Mansiysk, Rússia. E quem ficou com o 1° lugar foi Darya Domracheva da Bielorússia, em 2° lugar ficou Tora Berger da Noruega e em 3° lugar ficou com Kaisa Mäkäräinen da Filândia. 

Tora Berger, Darya Domracheva, Kaisa Mäkäräinen
Darya Domracheva

NAMENAT     .SHOOTING    T      RESULT                 
12rDOMRACHEVA DaryaBLR1+0+0+23 39:01.4 0.0
23BERGER ToraNOR0+0+0+11 39:11.4 +10.0
34MÄKÄRÄINEN KaisaFIN2+0+1+14 39:34.0 +32.6
49KUZMINA AnastasiyaSVK0+0+1+12 39:46.7 +45.3
57BRUNET Marie LaureFRA0+0+1+01 39:53.0 +51.6
61yNEUNER MagdalenaGER0+0+4+26 39:57.4 +56.0
727ECKHOFF TirilNOR0+0+1+01 40:24.4 +1:23.0
88DORIN HABERT MarieFRA1+1+0+24 40:46.2 +1:44.8
916KOCHER ZinaCAN0+1+2+14 40:50.2 +1:48.8
106HENKEL AndreaGER1+1+0+13 40:51.7 +1:50.3
1111SEMERENKO VitaUKR0+0+2+13 40:58.7 +1:57.3
1214PALKA KrystynaPOL0+1+2+03 41:01.0 +1:59.6
1315BOGALIY-TITOVETS AnnaRUS1+0+0+01 41:05.7 +2:04.3
1420HILDEBRAND FranziskaGER0+0+1+01 41:11.2 +2:09.8
155EKHOLM HelenaSWE2+1+1+15 41:15.8 +2:14.4
1624RINGEN EliseNOR0+1+2+14 41:23.6 +2:22.2
1722VITKOVA VeronikaCZE0+1+1+13 41:24.8 +2:23.4
1819SEMERENKO ValjUKR0+1+2+14 41:27.6 +2:26.2
1925GEREKOVA JanaSVK0+2+2+04 41:34.4 +2:33.0
2012BACHMANN TinaGER1+2+1+26 41:39.5 +2:38.1
2113SLEPTSOVA SvetlanaRUS1+0+1+13 41:49.4 +2:48.0
2228GLAZYRINA EkaterinaRUS0+0+2+35 42:04.7 +3:03.3
2318BURDYGA NatalyaUKR1+1+0+13 42:11.1 +3:09.7
2417PONZA MichelaITA0+0+1+01 42:12.3 +3:10.9
2530RASIMOVICIUTE DianaLTU0+0+2+35 42:13.1 +3:11.7
2621NOWAKOWSKA-ZIEMNIAK WeronikaPOL0+0+1+12 42:14.5 +3:13.1
2710SOLEMDAL SynnoeveNOR3+2+1+17 42:57.9 +3:56.5
2826DUNKLEE SusanUSA0+2+1+47 43:10.5 +4:09.1
2923GÖSSNER MiriamGER2+2+3+29 43:56.2 +4:54.8
3029MALI AndrejaSLO2+0+2+15 45:05.7 +6:04.3

Darya Domracheva - BLR
Darya Domracheva

Darya Domracheva

It was a hard fight. I think everyone felt some pressure. I used my strategy on the last loop. My plan was to attack as soon as we left the stadium…and it worked!  It was Tora’s birthday today, but I did not want to give her a gift out there. Now I can say congratulations on your birthday.
All that I was thinking about on the last loop was another crystal globe. I had one last year and two this year; that is progress for me… It was very good season for me. I am so glad about this season is over.

Tora Berger - NOR
Tora Berger

Tora Berger

We did this last week; it was a hard fight again! This was a special competition for me and I was really tired. I decided to do the best I could on the shooting range and then as good as possible on the tracks.” Regarding the last loop, she reemphasized her fatigue level, saying, It was not possible for me to hold the lead; no chance.

Kaisa Mäkäräinen - FIN
Kaisa Mäkäräinen

Kaisa Mäkäräinen

The race did not start the best for me, but I have a lot of confidence in my standing shooting now and I decided to fight to the finish. I felt a bit sorry passing Brunet and Kuzmina, but it is nice to be here on the podium now.

         Magdalena Neuner, mesmo terminando em 6° lugar conseguiu  o título World Cup total Score com 1216 pontos contra 1188 pontos da Domracheva. E a Tora Berger ficou com o 3° lugar.
Magdalena Neuner

Mais/more: http://www.biathlonworld.com

Fotos: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP/Getty Images

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