29 de dez de 2013

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Vierschanzentournee (Four Hills Tournament) 2013 - Oberstdorf Day 2

Michael Hayboeck
Gregor Schlierenzauer

Simon Ammann

Noriaki Kasai

Thomas Morgenstern

Marinus Kraus

         Yes, the blog is Back!! Nada como começar a voltar a postar com FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Vierschanzentournee (Four Hills Tournament) em Oberstdorf, Alemanha. Simon Ammann da Suiça começou bem vencendo a primeira montanha.

 Anders Bardal, Simon Ammann, Peter Prevc, Thomas Diethart

Simon Ammann

1AMMANN SimonSUI301.9
2BARDAL AndersNOR297.9
3DIETHART ThomasAUT297.3
3PREVC PeterSLO297.3
6KASAI NoriakiJPN294.5
7HAYBOECK MichaelAUT284.6
8KRAUS MarinusGER282.0
10FREUND SeverinGER279.3
11NEUMAYER MichaelGER274.2
13STOCH KamilPOL272.0
14MURANKA KlemensPOL268.2
15WANK AndreasGER263.5
16ITO DaikiJPN262.9
17ZIOBRO JanPOL262.4
18KOFLER AndreasAUT261.7
19TEPES JurijSLO260.5
20HLAVA LukasCZE260.3
21HILDE TomNOR260.2
22LOITZL WolfgangAUT258.9
23MAEAETTAE JarkkoFIN258.7
24ZYLA PiotrPOL257.3
25AHONEN JanneFIN255.7
26BOYD-CLOWES MackenzieCAN253.5
27BIEGUN KrzysztofPOL252.3
28KOT MaciejPOL249.2
29WELLINGER AndreasGER243.2
30JACOBSEN AndersNOR224.5
31HVALA JakaSLO128.6
32INGVALDSEN Ole MariusNOR128.2
33FREITAG RichardGER127.2
34WATASE YutaJPN127.0
36SCHMITT MartinGER125.1
37QUECK DannyGER124.7
39MATURA JanCZE122.9
41KRANJEC RobertSLO122.2
42JUSTIN RokSLO120.4
43WENIG DanielGER117.6
44HAJEK AntoninCZE116.7
45NAGLIC TomazSLO116.1
46KORNILOV DenisRUS115.2
47DAMJAN JernejSLO112.9
49KOZISEK CestmirCZE109.5

Simon Ammann - SUI
Simon Ammann 
It was extreme for us jumpers. Already at noon I thought that I used up all the adrenaline, I just wanted to make it through. Right from the start they were jumping on 140 m. I stayed positive and showed my best jump of this season in the first round. In my second jump the skis were not really stable. I saw the green line, but I didn't know if it was enough to win. At the end I was just happy when I saw the 1 on the monitor. The audience was amazing. For me ski jumping is still as much fun now as it was the first time and to share this feeling with 25 000 people is great. It can't get any better. We'll see how it goes until Bischofshofen.

Anders Bardal - NOR
Anders Bardal
It was a good day for me, the two jumps were good, but not perfect. I was hoping it will be enough for the podium and it was. For me the conditions were not too difficult, but this hill is sensitive to changing winds. I don't think about winning the 4-Hills-Tournament yet, I just take one competition at a time. Let's count the points after Bischofshofen.

Peter Prevc - SLO
Peter Prevc
I didn't expect to be on the podium today, but that's why I'm even happier about it. It was a tough competition because the wind was changing. I was lucky in the first round and took advantage of it. So far I was only on the podium once in Planica and the atmosphere here is very different.

Thomas Diethart - AUT
 Thomas Diethart
It's an amazing feeling to be on the podium here and I can't really express how great it is for me. The competition was a bit difficult, the wind was changing quite much, but it was not a problem for me. It's difficult to say why I'm jumping so well now. Everything feels easy for me, but I don't really know why.

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Fotos:  Stanko Gruden/Agence Zoom/Getty Images Europe

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